While you often see comics getting optioned for film or TV, you don’t usually see the creators of the comic involved in working on that project for film or TV. So here’s an exception: Dennis Calero and Todd Stashwick are writing a sci-fi pilot called Clandestine for Syfy. Calero is best known as an artist on countless comics from COWBOYS & ALIENS to X-MEN NOIR. Stashwick is best known as a actor on things from Heroes to The Riches. The two met on the set of Heroes, when Calero was doing art for the show and collaborated on the webcomic Devil Inside, which was optioned by Syfy and eventually led to them being assigned to write the pilot for this entirely new project.

The story was described as “What if Han Solo had to pretend to be Captain Kirk?” by Calero in a phone conversation. If that logline doesn’t grab you, it’s basically about some space-faring ne’er’do-wells who have to pretend they are in charge of a ship in an intergalactic fleet.

Calero further noted that he had realized that there was more opportunity to write in TV than film and so had concentrated his efforts in that direction as a way to expand his career. And now he’s writing a TV show. Good work on that. He also has a mysterious project with Stephen King in the works, Variety notes, so we’d say Calero’s career path is doing very well.