• SAMSUNGTorsten’s Tip:  If you are taking public transportation to LaGuardia Airport, hop on the 7 train express to Roosevelt.  Then grab the Q70 bus.  It has only three stops (airport, subway, transit center), and takes the expressway to the airport.  Since I live in Bushwick, and there’s no easy north-south connector, I took the J to Jamaica, then transferred to the E (which is also an express train) to Roosevelt.  Tourist tip: book a cheap hotel along the E train.  The E runs express into Manhattan.
  • The view wwest.
    The view wwest.

    SAMSUNGI’m staying at the youth hostel on Congress, near all of the universities and colleges.  Four nights: $168.  The room is an apartment: two bedrooms (each with four bunks), bathroom, kitchen, living room, free wi-fi.  While I’m blogging, four college women entered, and were a bit surprised to see me sitting there.  They went to see if they were in the right room, and they were.  One had a Spider-Man shirt, so I thought they might be in town for C2E2.  Instead, they’re here to visit the Art Institute.  Down from Detroit (one has a DJ father, and gets her a press pass to Motor City).  The three beds in my room are all taken.  No idea who my roommates are.

  • [I’m a “Good Guy” not “That Guy”.  Aside from the awkwardness, I’m on my best behaviour.  I like coffee.]
  • I had some shopping to do.  The Loop has a great selection of shops, in a small space.  Also a good selection of food options.
  • I’ve been up since 4 AM, and it’s almost 11, so I’m calling it a night.  Press registration opens at 8, so up at 6, so I can have a delicious breakfast I’ve been anticipating since last April.

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