by David Nieves

DC’s final C2E2 panel focused on Superman featuring the talent line up of Greg Pak, Aaron Kuder, with Scott Snyder and Charles Soule coming in a little late. Much of Superman’s 2014 was discussed along with Scott’s heart felt goodbye to Superman Unchained.

First up was Action Comics with Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder. The scene in issue 30 was shown where Doomsday kills polar bears. Pak went on to talk about how much fun he’s having writing Action and that issue 30 was a prelude to the “Doomed” storyline. He promised in the upcoming storyline we’d see “enormous comic book fights like you’ve never seen before.” 

Pak and Soule were both excited about writing Steel in the crossover. Soule noted him as,” someone who is trying to become Superman through his own ingenuity.” The story had been in the works for eight months and the creators promised individual books will still make sense and not ignore their own casts, but promised a rich overall story if you do read them all.

Kuder made it a point to make sure the audience knows that this is not a retelling of Superman vs. Doomsday from the 90’s. Pak expanded on that by saying, “it has a bigger new emotional arc that wasn’t there before.” He did get a pop from the crowd when he promised to have Krypto in the story. 

Soule then talked about Superman/Wonder Woman. Issue 7, on stands now, gives Clark and Diana a moment of calm before the storm of Doomed shakes everything up. The series crossover issues will have guest stars. Lois Lane and Batman show up in issue 8, while Lois will return in issue 10 for a confrontation with Wonder Woman. Pak also announced there will be a Batman/Superman issue as part of the crossover which was not announced previously.

Scott Snyder started to talk about Superman Unchained. Which began with Snyder apologizing for the delays on the book. “We decided it was better to be a little late and let Jim just go to town on it.” He also announced that issue 8 and 9 would include extra pages. Lee has just finished issue 7 and it comes out in May, taking the Wraith character even further. Snyder called him a doppleganger of Superman’s early years. Lois Lane will also be a big part of Superman Unchained 7 and 8, this is now turning into the Summer of Lois. He finished by thanking everyone for giving him the opportunity to work on the other most iconic character of his career. 

Superman 32 was also talked about, which will debut the creative team of Geoff Johns and John Romita Jr. It will mark JRJR’s first DC work and this line up is part of the effort to make the Superman line “stronger than ever.” Moderator John Cunningham noted that Dan DiDio believes his whole line is only, “as strong as the Superman line.”

Fan Q&A rounded out the panel. No additional details or story tidbits were dropped, but when the panel was asked who would win in an all-out brawl between every Superman version? Snyder snapped in with “Batman”, to a lot of laughs from the room. He did also say that his favorite version of Superman was the Bruce Timm animated series.

With that DC’s final panel of C2E2 came to a close.


  1. ‘Dan DiDio believes his whole line is only, “as strong as the Superman line.”’

    That’s seems unintentionally perceptive of him. It would go a long way to explaining the last 2 1/2 years of DCU books.

  2. Chap, the book’s not coming out till 2015, since TT: EO will be the next new one in Dec. So they don’t need to promote it yet.

  3. I’m looking forward to to Doomed and at first I wasn’t really digging JRJR on Superman but with Johns writing it I have to give it a few issues. Here’s hoping it’s AWESOME!

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