My Bad #1 Cover

This week AHOY Comics releases their latest new series, My Bad, from writers Bryce Ingman & Mark Russell, artist Peter Krause, colorist Kelly Fitzpatrick, and letterer Rob Steen. Originally slated to be written solo by Ingman and run as a backup feature in another Russell-written AHOY title, Second Coming: Only Begotten Son, the series takes a satirical look at the already-fairly-ridiculous world of costumed superheroes, with Russell’s half of the series following a hero called The Chandelier and Ingman’s half centered around supervillain Emperor King.

The Beat chatted with Ingman about the evolution of My Bad from backup to its own series, what the addition of Russell to the writing team brought to the series, and more. Check that out, along with a preview of the first issue of the new series, below.

Joe Grunenwald: Where did your initial inspiration for My Bad, in particular the protagonist of your half of the series, Emperor King, come from?

Bryce Ingman: I was thinking about the supervillain cliche where they trap their nemesis in a clear glass container. I began to imagine the worst, most devastating version of this trap, and that led me to consider what sort of villain would build such a monstrosity. Emperor King was the answer to that question.

Grunenwald: How did My Bad evolve beyond its origins as a back-up feature in Second Coming?

Ingman: Our editor-in-chief at AHOY, wily Tom Peyer, suggested it. I was happy with the original project but Tom’s suggestion has allowed for much more fun and bad behavior.

Grunenwald: What did bringing Mark Russell on as a co-writer add to the mix?

Ingman: First of all, he’s a great guy and a fantastic writer who I’ve enjoyed working with in the past. Plus, Mark is, deservedly, a pretty damn popular comic book writer. I’m still a relative newbie in the industry, so if they come for Mark Russell and end up enjoying my stuff too, it’s a nice result. And I’m confident they will.

But the most important thing Mark brings to My Bad is his unique imagination and feisty, oddball sense of humor. Within days of being invited to join the project he had handfuls of amazing characters and concepts to add to what Peter and I had started.

Grunenwald: What made Peter Krause and Kelly Fitzpatrick the right artists to bring this series to life?

Ingman: Peter was the only choice for this book and I’m grateful he said “yes” twice – once to the back-up version of My Bad, and again when we asked him to take on the art chores for the series version. His character designs are one of the things that make this book special. Every one of his pages is a joy to look at when I get them in my email and when Kelly adds her colors to the mix things only get better. She’s another perfect fit for the book and always makes interesting and effective choices.

Grunenwald: The target of Emperor King’s ire is The Accelerator. Why does Emperor King hate him so much?

Ingman: Emperor King has no superpowers; he’s just extremely rich. He sees the superpowered alien hero the Accelerator always interrupting his plans of conquest as the equivalent of a comedian “punching down.” He almost considers it bullying. And it’s this line of thinking that leads him to design a sixteen-stage torture trap.

Grunenwald: How will the stories you and Mark are telling separately come together as My Bad progresses?

Ingman: They start coming together in bits and pieces right from the start. For instance, issue two has a three page story about a previous encounter between Mark’s Chandelier and my Emperor King. It’s about the time the Chandelier embarrassed Drew “Emperor” King while he was on a “date.”

Without giving too much away, there are connections between the stories in every issue and by number five the separate plotlines will crash together rather dramatically.

Grunenwald: What are you looking forward to people seeing in My Bad?

Ingman: The whole package. Mark and I have gone the extra mile on this one. We’re packing every issue with fun extras that build out our “Important New Superhero Universe” and pay tribute to comic books from the past to the present. Each issue is filled with irreverent stories, interesting new characters and Peter Krause’s gorgeous art. And most issues feature chimps running around with buckets of acid. My Bad is a party in comic book form. And you’re all invited.

Published by AHOY Comics, My Bad #1 is due out in stores on Wednesday, November 3rd.