Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O’Malley has been teasing a new projects called SECONDS with a photo on his Twitter feed, and Publishers Weekly has confirmed that it will be a new graphic novel to be published by Random House imprint Villard in 2013.

O’Malley’s next book will be called Seconds and will be published by Villard Books in 2013. The book will be edited by Ryan Doherty. The deal was negotiated by O’Malley’s agent Judy Hansen of Hansen Literary Agency.

With this news, O’Malley joins the elite ranks of such authors as Craig Thompson and Charles Burns who have moved up to Random House from a comics indie (in this case Oni.)

The Scott Pilgrim Experience last year — from an admired but under-performing movie, to the sales of the books soaring — obviously had a big effect on many of the players involved, but it’s great to see that O’Malley has been forging away on another project. Obviously, Universal still believes in Comic-Con and hotel wraps, and Edgar Wright came out of it reputation intact. Probably the only real Pilgrim casualty was star Michael Cera who hasn’t made a movie since and is looking to take on different kinds of roles.


  1. Having been a huge fan of O’Malley’s previous works, Scott Pilgrim and Lost at Sea, I’m super excited for the release of SECONDS. I have no doubt that this will parallel, and possibly even surpass his previous sucesses. Brian Lee O’Malley is an exceptional artist and writer, and ill always be totally pumped to see what he’s able to come up with next. :D