Even as the glow of great comics at TCAF is drifting away, some bad news for great indie comics festivals: according to a post on their Tumblr, The Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival is being suspended.

We have decided not to continue with BCGF. We had a great run and thank all of our colleagues for their support.

Founded in 2009, the BCGF was run by a troika of PictureBox’s Dan Nadel, educator and publisher Bill Kartalopoulos and Desert Island’s Gabe Fowler.

The show brought a spectrum of great comics guests from the US and Europe, including last year, Olivier Schrauwen and Blexbolex, and US greats like Chris Ware and Lynda Barry. The programming alone put it at the top of the indie show circuit and sales were huge.

However, it was also the work of only three people, and last year the crowd was so huge that it was obvious the show had outgrown its spot in a church basement.

Recently, word had circulated that the demands of their day jobs had taken a toll on the organizers’ ability to put on a show. In the growing world of graphic novels and indie comics, certainly putting on a show of BCGF’s stature was no part-time matter. Hopefully the show will be back in some form…it was already one of the best days in comics in the year and I for one will miss it terribly.



  1. Well, that’s a shame. It was well on It’s way to rivaling mocca.

    Though, I won’t have to hear my friends complain about not getting a table anymore…

  2. Sad, mostly because I thought the quality of great work at MoCCA this year was because I assumed all of the vapid, navel-gazing “art comix” had wandered over to BCGF and left MoCCA for people producing more narrative work. Hopefully they will find their own new hipster haven.

  3. I can’t stand organizers with full time jobs and not giving the absolute attention their con deserves, and it shows. It’s better to go out on a high note then leaving attendees a disappointing experience. Best of luck to the organizers.

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