Broken Frontier, a long running site about comics, put out nominations for its comics awards last week. The nominees were chosen by the staff of the site, and they reflect a very broad attempt to reflect the entirety of comics in a way that awards rarely do.

I won’t rerun the whole list but a couple of categories will give you the idea:

Best Graphic Novel

Becoming Unbecoming (Una, Myriad Editions)
Death of the Artist (Karrie Fransman, Jonathan Cape)
Killing and Dying (Adrian Tomine, Drawn and Quarterly)
Russian Olive to Red King (Kathryn Immonen & Stuart Immonen, AdHouse)
The Story of My Tits (Jennifer Hayden, Top Shelf Productions)

Best Publisher

Avery Hill Publishing
Breakdown Press
Image Comics
Retrofit/Big Planet

These are very savvy choices of the kind that can only be made by people who read a lot of comics. So kudos on that!

Winners will be selected by a public vote, however, public voting will only account for 50% of the final tally, with the editors having the other 50%. Which is a little odd but it’s an honor just to be nominated. The deadline for voting is tomorrow, December 8th so hurry!