It’s no secret that Captain Marvel costars Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson have a lot of love for each other. Nowhere is that more apparent than in a new clip from their appearance on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke, wherein they not only sing Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings,” but then ask each other questions while hooked up to a lie detector.

We truly can’t get over how spectacular Jackson’s dance moves are; he and Larson both bust out their best carseat moves while flawlessly singing Grande’s latest single. Then he decides to shake up the usual Carpool Karaoke format to bring in John the polygraph examiner, who wires Larson up first — much to her confusion.

“Sam, is this really necessary?” she asks. Jackson doesn’t reply, but he does laugh when John makes a “snakes in the car” joke as he tosses finger sleeves and wires around, which is frankly hilarious. Then, Jackson asks Larson three questions before she turns the tables.

“Would you be honest with me if you didn’t like my performance in a scene?” Jackson asks.

“No,” Larson replies. “I would not be honest with you. Nope!” Jackson can’t quite believe it, but John confirms that Larson is telling the truth.

In response to his next to questions, Larson responds confidently, but gets called out by John both times for lying. “He’s making shit up!” she insists, then asks, “Can we just switch?”

During Jackson’s interrogation, he says he does like the Captain Marvel movie suit, that he would absolutely tell Larson if he doesn’t like her performance in a scene, and that he farts “all the time” while filming scenes. John identifies all three answers as true, but then the tables turn again.

“Did you fart while we were doing this?” Larson asks.

“Of course not,” Jackson protests, but John the polygraph examiner calmly states, “That’s a lie.”

Still, Jackson notes, “we’re bonded now.” However, it doesn’t seem like they needed too much help in that department. The pair frequently post about each other on social media and Jackson has even referred to Larson as “Queen Brie.”

This Carpool Karaoke clip precedes a full episode airing Friday, the same day that Captain Marvel hits theaters. You can watch free episodes now on Apple TV.