Next month BOOM! Studios will release Briar #4. The final issue of the dark Sleeping Beauty reimagining comes from the creative team of writer Christopher Cantwell, artist Germán García, colorist Matheus Lopes, and letterer AndWorld Design. Today, ahead of the issue’s preorder cutoff date, The Beat is pleased to present a first look at artist Toni Infante‘s variant cover for the issue.

Main cover by Germán García

Here’s how BOOM! Studios describes Briar #4:

Grendrid, the only surviving remnant of the sleeping beauty’s past, seeks Briar’s blood! Even the seemingly impenetrable city of Windcross and its king Rodion can’t protect our hero and her companions, Spider and Roop. The relentless Deadcrawl and his nine assassins hunt at Grendrid’s behest, and it will take everything Briar and her allies have to survive.

The cover reveal for Briar #4 is the cherry on top of a big week for writer Christopher Cantwell. Earlier this week DC Comics revealed that Cantwell will team with artist Javier Rodriguez for a Superman story in the upcoming Batman: The Brave and the Bold anthology series

Check out Infante’s cover for Briar #4 below. The concluding issue of the series is due out in stores and digitally on Wednesday, April 12th. The final order cut-off date for the issue is Monday, March 6th.