Oni Press has announced the upcoming publication of Lights, the third and final installment in cartoonist Brenna Thummler‘s best-selling Sheets series. 

Lights will conclude the story of Marjorie Glatt, a thirteen year old girl, and her friendship with Wendell, a newly deceased ghost. Along with their human friend Eliza, the trio will dig into Wendell’s death and test the bonds of true friendship. Here’s Publisher’s Weekly’s full description of the new installment:

Lights focuses on Wendell, depicting his life before he became a ghost. As his memories begin to dim, he teams up with Marjorie and Eliza to find some answers, and they begin to wonder if his death was actually an accident. At the same time, Marjorie starts to befriend some of their classmates who bullied Eliza, putting their friendship to the test.

The announcement comes after a particularly difficult year for Oni, which culminated in the hiring of new publisher Hunter Gorinson this past December. However Thumler’s previous books have been huge critical and sales successes for the publishers, so the arrival of the third volume is good news for all. 

Cover of 'Lights' by Brenna Thummler
Cover of ‘Lights’ by Brenna Thummler

The original installment (the appropriately titled Sheets) followed Marjorie and her discovery of Wendell, a ghost who lives in the basement of Marjorie’s family laundromat. By day, he exists as a simple sheet; but at night, he gains the ability to wreak havoc at the laundromat. The story is a poignant exploration of death and what happens to those we leave behind. 

Well received, the middle grade title shot to the top of Oni’s bestsellers lists when it was released in 2018, and eventually spawned a successful sequel with Delicates in 2020. The follow-up explored the growing friendship between Marjorie and Wendell, along with Marjorie’s new friendship with Eliza Duncan, a photography loving classmate.

Cover to Sheets by Brenna Thummler
Sheets cover by Brenna Thummler
Delicates cover by Brenna Thummler
Delicates cover by Brenna Thummler

Lights will arrive in comics shops and bookstores everywhere on September 8th, 2023. Preorders for the title will begin soon.