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If you are grieving for the loss of Brenda Starr with the previous story, fear not. Hermes Press is launching a reprint series of the strip from the beginning with the first two storylines in full color. The first book comes out in June 2011. We’ll be making some room on the shelf.

Hermes Press adds yet another important title to its line-up of classic comic book and comic strip reprints with Brenda Starr, Reporter by Dale Messick: The Collected Daily and Sunday Strips.

Brenda Starr, the world’s most famous fictional reporter, role model to scores of aspiring female journalists, will now have her own series of reprint volumes starting with the strip’s debut on June 30, 1940. Created by Dale Messick, the first woman to create, draw, and write a syndicated newspaper strip, Brenda Starr successfully mixed romance, fashion, and adventure into one of the longest running features in newspaper history. Even though the strip will officially end its syndicated run on January 2, 2011, the feature will continue through Hermes Press’ reprints of strip’s early years.

The first volume of this series will reprint, for the first time, the first two Sunday storylines in full color. Hermes Press is digitally restoring these Sundays so that they look better than when they were first released. Also featured in this volume will be the first “Man of Mystery” story featuring Brenda’s love interest, Basil St. John.

Brenda Starr, Reporter started as a Sunday only strip but by October 22, 1945 a daily version of the feature also appeared. The first daily sequence will also be featured in the first volume of Hermes Press’ reprint.

Fans of classic comic strips and Brenda Starr will have a chance, thanks to this new reprint, to see one of the great newspaper features all over again, from the beginning.

Brenda Starr, Reporter® by Dale Messick: The Collected Daily and Sunday Newspaper Strips; color Sundays and black-and-white daily strips; ISBN 1-932563-80-6; landscape hardcover with printed laminated cover and dustjacket; 9 by 12 inches; 288 pages; reprints the first two color continuities of the Sunday strips, starting with the premiere on June 30, 1940; features the first “Man of Mystery” storyline featuring Basil St. John and five complete daily storylines; $60; available June/2011.


  1. They should start the reprints with the awesome/hilarious “Boy Brenda” storyline.

    I still remember it after all these years:

    “Comma, comma, comma, quotation mark…”

  2. Wow $60???!!!
    That’s pretty pricey for a strip reprint series.

    Especially when compared to the costs for other strip reprint books lately. Peanuts, Dick Tracy, Segar’s Popeye, Little Orphan Annie, Gasoline Alley, etc.. are all priced significantly less then $60.