Hellbreak work-in-progress image
Hellbreak work-in-progress image

With October solicitations just around the corner, sources have whispered these sweet secrets in The Beat’s ears. Get a jump on what’s to come with the following, and check back for more information later this month.

  • Jim Zub will be writing a new Dungeon & Dragons series for IDW. The subtitle for the series is Legends of Baldur’s Gate.
  • Also from IDW is the new Steve Niles/Damien Worm series The October Faction.
  • In addition to the already announced Thor relaunch, Marvel will be producing an Original Sin Annual. There will also be a set of Stomp Out Bullying variant covers attached to several books across the line.
  • Archie will be launching a new Sonic title called Sonic Boom with several variant covers.
  • Garth Ennis will be launching a new book at Avatar Press called War Stories, with Matt Martin on art.
  • Hermes Press will be launching a new Phantom mini-series from Peter David.
  • Cullen Bunn releases a double barrel of new books at Oni, with the start of Hellbreak (with Brian Churilla) and the second Helheim series (with Joelle Jones) – which will bring his output to four books from that company in October.
  • Papercutz will be putting out another Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers volume alongside the start of a Rabbids series.
  • 2000AD will once again be repacking the Dredd movie sequel into the single issue format with the start of a two issue series titled Dredd Uprise. October is also the month the company will re-release the first cycle of Grant Morrison and Steve Yowell’s Zenith in a handsome hardcover volume.


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