By Steve Morris

There’s a preview page from AvX #10 coming up in a minute, so if you don’t want to be spoiled please close your eyes and read the rest of the article without looking at the image. Another breaking update has been brought to my attention, regarding cosmic pirate sleeve wearer shooty bang guns hero Hepzibah. Last seen heroically getting beaten up by She-Hulk in Uncanny X-Men, Hepz has apparently returned for another go in the spotlight. Because, it seems, Marvel are slowly catching on to the fact that she’s their most popular character. Well it’s about time.

Looking at the teaser image, from the next Aaron/Kubert-helmed issue of AvX, it looks like evil Phoenix Emma Frost has captured SOMEONE, Polaris, Velocidad, Boom Boom, Cannonball, Sunspot, Hepz and Magma. For some reason.

Now, it’s clear to all concerned that Hepzibah is only pretending to be captured here, and is likely one panel away from leaping up at shiny bird villainess and slashing her up in inimitable hipster pirate style. But doesn’t this scene look like something more than merely a group of captured X-Men? Doesn’t it look a bit like an execution line-up?

It’d be strange for Marvel to kill off Hepzibah when we’re surely only a few weeks from her getting an ongoing series in Marvel NOW! Unless, I suppose, she gets hold of the Phoenix and becomes the new Supreme Being of the Marvel Universe.

Uh… spoilers, sorry. Hepzibah is so great.


  1. Wait … Hepzibah? The skunk lady from Starjammers who got her name from Corsair because he read Pogo? She’s still around?

  2. Cannonball is one of my favorite characters but it seems like no one wants to actually do anything with him other than make him look dumb.