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Despite attempting to put on a much anticipated show this weekend, the Boston Comic Con showrunners have had to cancel it in light of the massive manhunt and lockdown gripping the Boston area.

With guests on planes sitting on runways, no one able to get to the convention center and a house to house search going on for a suspect in Monday’s Marathon bombing, the organizers really had no choice but to shut things down.

Cancellation riders don’t usually allow for acts of terrorism or police actions, so this could potentially be a big loss for them.

Best wishes to everyone for a recovery and safe return to wherever they were heading from.

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  1. Keeping the bigger picture in mind that a deadly threat has gripped Boston, the need for a comic convention pails in comparison to the basic need for safety. That said, comic conventions bring a lot of joy to fans and when the Boston Comic Con does open its doors at a later date, I predict record attendance. Having just put on the Asbury Park Comicon several months after Hurricane Sandy, I can tell you that the locals were ready to have a fun time and forget the devastation we experienced, if only for a day. To see smiles on the faces of so many people who had gone through so much heartache was a very moving experience.

    I exhibited last year at Boston Comicon and had a great time. It’s a very successful show with a great staff and they get some top notch guests. On behalf of comic convention promoters everywhere, we wish you well in Boston.

  2. This is sad, but kind of expected. You just can’t take the chance that some numbskull (holy cow, how rare is it to use the word numbskull) follows what these two cowards did at the Marathon and causes more death and destruction.
    The Red Sox and Bruins were both postponed for tonight – my guess is they may get postponed through the weekend as well.
    I just hope they end this with no more blood shed.

  3. I’m sorry to hear this.
    I was part of a podcast on Monday (Comic Book Roadshow – based in Boston) just hours after the marathon bombs went off. At the time of the interview they were concerned about the convention — which they had both slated to attend. As news went along through the week it looked really good that the show would go on. But with these new events it seems the odds were against them.

    I have to say… people walking about in cosplay with weapons and swords might give the authorities a bit more to wonder about than their job of securing the area. But as Cliff said, the convention would also give people some fun when they need it most. But safety first.

  4. Well, I’m now hearing that Boston has lifted the *shelter in place* order. So people can move about freely. Maybe… perhaps… the convention can do a quick turnaround?

  5. I doubt they’ll reverse the cancellation as a lot of people attending couldnt get in today as train, bus, and even air travel was down. Expecting people to get there tomorrow is unrealistic as rescheduling travel arrangements takes time.

  6. Yeah, the event coordinators said the decision came from above them (the convention managers of the building). At this point, they couldn’t reverse it even if they wanted to.

    But I’m glad the manhunt and craziness is over.

  7. Really tough for anyone that had already made the trip, or were en-route, but despite the late night developments; safety first and Boston will need some time to fully return to normal! Lets hope the organizers can work with the convention center to re schedule quickly! A good decision, over all.

  8. Not having a comic con this weekend is not much compared to the lives these bastards took and the pain and injury caused to so many families and the sheer terror they caused across the city. Yet not being able to have this joyous event and be able to come together and enjoy somethingg after this horrible week is shitty icing on a shit cake. Thank God no one I know was injured in these attacks, but some friends were all to close. I was about to call a friend as he was getting out of work right near MIT and had to warn him of the situation just as I saw the news of the tragic shooting of that officer at MIT which sadly proved to be fatal. And the mall they chased these pieces of shit to and where the authorities set up a moble command unit is a hop over the river and one my friends and I frequent. Yeah. This horror was way to close and I think many of us were looking forward to relaxing at this con… but sadly the timing just suuucked and organizers just were screwed by circumstances beyond their control and a total lack of control.

  9. http://www.salon.com/2013/04/20/how_boston_exposes_americas_dark_post_911_bargain/

    Why this story drove America nuts for a week.

    “In America after 9/11, we made a deal with the devil, or with Dick Cheney, which is much the same thing. We agreed to give up most of our enumerated rights and civil liberties (except for the sacrosanct Second Amendment, of course) in exchange for a lot of hyper-patriotic tough talk, the promise of “security” and the freedom to go on sitting on our asses and consuming whatever the hell we wanted to.”

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