Not that Avengers. The ones with John Steed and Mrs. Peel.

You know, Diana Rigg.

Now you get it, right?

The image suggests a six-issue miniseries beginning in January based on the ’60s TV show The Avengers, which featured an urbane pair of British spies. The show was a huge influence on Morrison, so it’s not hard to see why he’d want to write a miniseries based on the property.

Update: One of our correspondents explains this is a reprint of a 1990 miniseries.


  1. Isn’t this a reprint of the Eclipse series published around 1990? Which isn’t to say don’t pick it up, as I liked it.

  2. My comics retailer said it is indeed a reprint of the old series. Since I didn’t get it back then, I’m looking forward to it now. Batgirl and Emma Peel were my heroes when I was a kid – they showed me women could kick butt, be cool and sexy, and intelligent.

  3. I like how Previews said absolutely NOTHING about his being a reprint. They never said it was new but the people from BOOM sure didn’t go out of their way to inform you it was recycled material.

  4. Also noteworthy that they’re taking a three-issue series and stretching it out to six. I have the singles of the Eclipse series. Hope this means I’ll also own the series in trade paperback eventually. I’d be especially jazzed if it included the Avengers comic released by Gold Key in 1968.

  5. The original series was a three-issue ‘prestige format’ (48-page perfect bound) series, and this looks to be six standard-size comics, so I suspect no additional material, just the original issues split into two.

  6. The 1968 Gold Key comic was itself a colorized, resized reprint of two earlier serials from TV Comic, “The Roman Invasion” and “The Mirage Maker.” There’s no reason to imagine why those would be included in this series.

  7. >> Are there really thousands of people waiting to buy this reprint?

    It’s by a writer more popular now than he was then. It’s every bit as “current” now as it was then, being based on a cult-favorite TV series that was a period piece even then. It’s being offered in a market where this sort of thing can reach more widely than it did before, via digital and book collections. And it’s been unavailable for so long that some people didn’t even know it was a reprint.

    I think yeah, it’ll sell a few thousand copies in serial format, more than enough to justify the costs of a reprint. And then it’ll do quite nicely in TPB form.

    I have the 1990 printing, but I’ll be buying it as a TPB, for instance.