Following their huge success with their Adventure Time and Regular Show comics, Boom! Studios has signed a “first look” deal with Cartoon Network, meaning they get first crack at getting the license to adapt their cartoons — and theyr’e kicking off the new deal with Steven Universe. Rebecca Sugar’s cartoon about a boy who deals with a team of magical guardians has been a cult smash since it debuted. The comic first appeared as a back up in ADVENTURE TIME 2013 SPOOOKTACULAR, but will get its own regular series this year, with team, and more tittles in the deal will be announced soon.

According to Boom, this is the first publishing deal of its kind for CN. Given the success of Adventure Time and Regular show comics, it’s not a surprise. And who says adults don’t like comics for kids?

BOOM! Studios began its relationship with Cartoon Network Enterprises in 2012 with the release of the ADVENTURE TIME comic book series through its KaBOOM! imprint in February of that year. Since then, BOOM! has developed the franchise into a series of top-selling monthly releases, successful spin-off limited series, original graphic novels, trade collections, and collector hardcovers. Based on the top-rated Cartoon Network animated series of the same name, the ADVENTURE TIME comic has gone on to win an Eisner Award, multiple Harvey Awards, Shel Dorf Award, and back-to-back Diamond Gem Awards. In addition to widespread critical acclaim, the series has been a runaway commercial success with multiple ADVENTURE TIME collections debuting on the New York Times Bestsellers list, the first two collected volumes placing in the top 25 graphic novels and trades through Diamond Comic Distributors for 2013, and the ADVENTURE TIME VOL. 1 PLAYING WITH FIRE original graphic novel debuting in the #1 spot through Diamond Comic Distributors in May 2013.
BOOM!’s second launch of a Cartoon Network property, REGULAR SHOW, debuted in April 2013 as the highest-selling title in the publisher’s eight-year history. Based on the Emmy® Award-winning Cartoon Network original series, the franchise includes a monthly comic series and a spin-off mini-series currently in progress, and collections and original graphic novels are planned for future release.



  1. Someone help me out. My nephew is five, but his parents aren’t very big on screen time. They love books and reading of every stripe, though. Do you, dear Beat readers, think kids will find the comics appealing without ever having seen the show?

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