Jeff LemireAndrea Sorrentino, the acclaimed writer and artist duo behind books like Gideon Falls and Primordial, have announced their next collaboration, and it’s a doozy. Lemire & Sorrentino will co-create The Bone Orchard Mythos, a series of interconnected comics released in multiple formats, with the first book in the new shared universe set to debut next year from Image Comics. The announcement came in a social media post from Lemire.

In the latest public edition of his newsletter, Lemire offered more details on how The Bone Orchard Mythos universe will unfold. Readers will get a taste of the new universe with a 20-page story in Image’s Free Comic Book Day 2022 offering. The first full book of the new series, The Passageway, is due out in June 2022, and will be a 100-page hardcover graphic novel. Ten Thousand Black Feathers, a miniseries of either six or eight issues, will follow with a debut in September 2022. A second hardcover graphic novel, Tenement, is due out in mid-2023. No official word on who will color and letter these books, though it won’t be a surprise if frequent collaborators colorist Dave Stewart and letterer Steve Wands are among the creator credits when the books arrive.

Lemire teased that, in addition to graphic novels and miniseries, other titles as part of the universe will be “longer format comic series.” Lemire stressed that, while each series is set in the same world, they will also be self-contained stories. He also clarified that the new project is not connected to either Gideon Falls or Primordial.

The Bone Orchard Mythos is the latest collaboration between Lemire and Sorrentino, who first teamed on DC’s Green Arrow back in 2013. Along with Gideon Falls and Primordial, the duo have also teamed for DC’s Black Label Joker: Killer Smile series.

Jeff Lemire is no stranger to creator-owned shared universes. The Black Hammer universe of titles has been running at Dark Horse Comics since he and Dean Ormston launched the main title back in 2016, with both the main series and numerous spin-off titles written primarily by Lemire with occasional co-writers like Tate Brombal and Ray Fawkes, and illustrated by a host of artists including Tyler CrookDavid Rubín, Tonči Zonjić, and Matt Kindt, among others.

In addition to Primordial, Sorrentino is also currently illustrating Batman: The Imposter with writer Masttson Tomlin for DC Comics. The artist has maintained multiple books at once in the past as well, working on both Gideon Falls and Joker: Killer Smile concurrently.

More info from Lemire & Sorrentino on their new, highly-ambitious project in the writer’s latest newsletter. Look for the first book of The Bone Orchard Mythos, the graphic novel The Passageway, to arrive in stores next summer.