What ever happened to Legendary Comics?

The shingle was launched as part of big nerd Thomas Tull’s Legendary Entertainment back in 2010, and put out a bunch of comics, many tied to Legendary films, such as Pacific Rim, a few others – most notoriously Frank Miller’s Holy Terror – not. Earlier this year they launched comics tie-ins with Skull Island and The Great Wall.

Veteran editor Bob Schreck was Legendary Comics, as Senior Vice President — Editor-in-Chief. But I’m told he is no longer in that position. When asked, Schreck supplied the following statement to The Beat:

“After 7 years, Legendary and I have decided to part ways. It was a great run. Thomas Tull and the company treated me like gold during the entire time I was in their employ. I wish Legendary all the best going forward, especially, Greg, Robert and Dave, my colleagues in the comics division.”

Schreck informs me that he isn’t retiring,  but he is still recuperating from a severely broken leg which necessitated surgery.  According to his FB page, he’s getting back on his feet…in more ways than one.

Schreck is a veteran of Dark Horse, DC, Vertigo and much else and he’s sure to find a place for his talent.

But where does that leave Legendary? Greg Tumbarello and Robert Napton seemingly remain, but the company hasn’t put out a book in months.

Legendary Pictures itself has been buffeted about after being acquired by the Chinese conglomerate Wanda in 2016. Wanda has run into lots of trouble with the Chinese government getting financing for offshore projects, and the studio has had several changes in leadership with Tull himself leaving earlier this year.

It’s part of the Showbiz Ragnarok we told you about earlier…and a very small boutique comics publishing arm  doesn’t really amount to a hill of beans among that.



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