Looking to fill in some holes in your DC graphic novel collection?

Barnes & Noble may have what you’re looking for.

They’re offering a huge sale on over 2000 titles, with a buy-two-get-one-free offer. The sale runs in both stores and online and can be seen here.

WATCHMEN, FABLES, New 52…this is the place to get caught up!


  1. @Snikt – Not necessarily.

    For example:
    Batman Earth One 14.42 (retail 22.99)
    Batman Long Halloween 16.16 (retail 24.99)
    Dark Knight Returns free (retail 19.99)
    = 30.58 cost (67.97 retail)
    = 65% off retail price

    Most online dealers are ~25-35% off, with online sales usually being ~50-60% off.

  2. 1747 titles…
    Includes forthcoming titles (like Punk Rock Jesus and Adventures of Superman: Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez) as well as older titles (like the Big Book series and Zero Hour).

    Most are already discounted.

    DC does not usually sell overstock to discount retailers. Tales of Wonder does have an Archives/Showcase/Etc. sale, listing about 170 titles at 60% off.

  3. Sweet, got the Neil Adams Illustrated Batman, Batman: The Black Mirror, and Batman: Prey. Yep, used this deal as a way to get some Bat books. Hooray!

  4. I took advantage of this sale a few days ago to pre-order three sets of books with nearly equal discounted prices.

    Set 1
    Absolute Batman & Robin
    Flash by Geoff Johns Omnibus 3
    Sleeper Omnibus

    Set 2
    Tales of the Batman: Archie Goodwin
    Superman by Garcia-Lopez
    Mad Archives 4

    Set 3
    Green Lantern Archives 7
    New Teen Titans Omnibus 3
    Marshal Law Deluxe Edition

    Grand total of $268 after tax (about $30 per book). I’m pleased.