Before Vin Diesel takes on one of Valiant’s most iconic characters in February, the publisher has teamed up with GIT Corp. to release the entire Bloodshot series in a brand new digital collection. Every issue dating all the way back to the character’s debut in 1993 is included — that’s 159 issues all in one collection, plus 10 bonus titles featuring other top Valiant faves.

The best part is, the Bloodshot digital collection is totally affordable. Fans can get it for just $20. That’s just 12 cents an issue! Although the collection isn’t available until January 6, 2020, pre-orders are being taken now at the GIT Corp. website.

Check out the list of included titles below and click here to pre-order.

  • Bloodshot 1993 (54 issues)
  • Bloodshot 1997 (16 issues)
  • Bloodshot 2012 (basis for the upcoming motion picture – 27 issues)
  • Bloodshot 2019 (3 issues)
  • Bloodshot Reborn (21 issues)
  • Bloodshot U.S.A. (4 issues)
  • Bloodshot Salvation (12 issues)
  • Bloodshot Rising Spirit (8 issues)
  • Harbinger Wars (4 issues)
  • Harbinger Wars II (6 issues)
  • The Valiant (4 issues)
  • 10 additional issues featuring top Valiant Universe characters
  • Valiant Universe 2019 handbook

Bloodshot digital collection


  1. Vin Diesel’s movies are revered in the incel community. I guess Valient wants us all to get killed. #ShelveTheBloodshotMovie

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