Due out on shelves Wednesday (3/7), Bloodshot Salvation is an experimental issue.  It’s the POV of Bloodshot after he’s been blinded in the Deadside.  Scroll down and see some sample pages.  An example is better than a description.

Official PR follows and then some pages:

Written & Art by JEFF LEMIRE
Cover A by JEFF LEMIRE (JAN182007)
Cover B by RAÚL ALLÉN (JAN182008)
Cover C by RENATO GUEDES (JAN182009)
Interlocking Variant by DAVID LAFUENTE (JAN182010)
Bloodshot Icon Variant by BOB LAYTON (JAN182011)
Pre-Order Edition by RYAN BODENHEIM (JUL172248)

Master storyteller Jeff Lemire takes the helm for the year’s most terrifying, most memorable special issue – told entirely in PITCH-BLACK DARKNESS!

Deployed into the demonic realm called Deadside in search of a cure for his ailing infant daughter, Bloodshot has lost the one sense he needs most to navigate the land of the dead: his sight. Blinded with only his four-legged ally, Bloodhound, to aid him, Ray Garrison must fight onward as one man against the darkness – even as he is beset from all sides by a horde of inhuman entities that crave only death, suffering, and slaughter…

Told in total darkness from Bloodshot’s point of view, “THE BOOK OF THE DEAD” enters uncharted territory with a seminal experiment in storytelling written and staged by Eisner Award-winning visionary Jeff Lemire (Black Hammer, Animal Man)!



  1. This is great. In one way, it’s conventional to a prose reader, just switching back between internal narrator and other dialogue/sounds. But following the words is like the use of space in poetry, and focuses me on a consciousness due to the still visual nature of the comic. Good on multiple levels.
    I guessed that it was Lemire himself on art as soon as I saw the POV in this article’s headline

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