Add Blask Mask to the list of publishers who will be available on both ComiXology  and Amazon’s Kindle Store. Starting today you can read titles such as We Can Never Go Home, Godkiller, Space Riders, Ballistic, The Disciples and upcoming titles  Young Terrorists and Sinatoro by Grant Morrison and Vanesa del Rey. 

Black Mask launched a few years ago with some cutting edge titles such as Adam Egypt Mortmer and Darick Robertson’s Ballistic and has had recent hits Matt Pizzolo and Amancay Nahuelpan’s Young Terrorists, and Matt Rosenberg’s We Can Never Go Home. Other new titles on the digital lunch include Steve Niles and Chris Mitten’s The Disciples, Holly Interlandi and Zoe Chevat’s Last Song, Matthew Rosenberg, Vita Ayala, and Yasmin Liang’s Our Work Fills The Pews, and Tony Patrick and Ayhan Hayrula’s X’ed. While many publishers have been focusing on the more cartoony side of comics Black Mask has stuck with what might be termed an updated Vertigo style. It’s definitely one of the more interesting small publisher lines out there, and hopefully more digital distribution will get it more attention.

And of course this is another plank in the gradual migration to Kindle for most comics publishers, and digital comics integration in Amazon’s bigger recommendation system.  So yep, it’s all moving along!


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