Black Hammer‘s first main storyline, about a group of heroes who become trapped on a mysterious farm, may have concluded last year, but it turns out that’s not the last we’ve seen of the title’s initial core characters. As reported this morning by THR, a new spin-off title set in the Black Hammer universe will feature one of its trippiest heroes. Colonel Weird: Cosmagog will be written by series co-creator Jeff Lemire and illustrated by Harrow County artist Tyler Crook.

According to THR, which also debuted a cover and some interior pages from the series, the story will explore what happened to Colonel Weird following the end of last year’s Black Hammer: Age of Doom, along with examining Randall Weird’s largely unseen backstory. Lemire described his excitement at working on the series:

“Colonel Weird has been my favorite Black Hammer character since Dean Ormston and I created him. I’ve always wanted to do a series where the storytelling would echo Weird’s unique mind, and unique perspective. Tyler Crook’s work more than lives up to the challenge. This is a deep dive into Colonel Weird’s past and his future.”

A cosmic adventurer in the style of Adam Strange, Colonel Randall Weird traverses time and space through the Para-Zone. His exposure to the Zone has altered his perception of reality, to the point that he has trouble keeping track of past, present, and future. Weird has been spotlighted in the past, having been the focus of a two-issue arc of Black Hammer: Age of Doom drawn by artist Rich Tommaso. A future version of Weird also played an important role in the Quantum Age miniseries, so readers have already had a brief glimpse of what’s in store for the character.

Colonel Weird is one of the most fun characters in the Black Hammer universe, and it’s great to see him brought front and center as the universe goes forward. The addition of Crook to the artistic lineup of the universe is welcome, as his work is absolutely gorgeous and fits perfectly with the epic scale of the events of Spiral City. Check out the preview images below, and look for the four-issue miniseries to debut in April.

Colonel Weird Black Hammer
Colonel Weird: Cosmogog #1 Cover

Colonel Weird Black Hammer

Colonel Weird Black Hammer


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