We have a longer list of early releases in Studio Coffee Run, but Warners has joined the rush to release Birds of Prey (Aka Harley Quinn: Bird of Prey)  months early on VOD. Even though the film is still player in theaters (while there are open theaters), you’ll be able to see Harley kicking ass on March 24 for $19.99 on VOD platforms such as Amazon and iTunes.

With the theatrical experience pretty much banned due to COVID-19 restraints, concerned studios are increasingly releasing films early on VOD…one of the doomsday scenarios of theater vs streaming that people have been talking about even before the pandemic.

It would be a surprising move at any other time, since “Birds of Prey” is still playing in theaters and exhibitors have been steadfast to resist any attempts from studios to shorten the amount of time that films are exclusively available on the big screen.[…]

The news comes following Universal’s announcement earlier Monday that “Trolls World Tour,” from DreamWorks Animation, would be available on home entertainment for $19.99 the same day it was expected to hit theaters. The studio’s other titles that were still playing on the silver screen — Blumhouse thrillers “The Hunt” and “The Invisible Man,” as well as “Emma,” an adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel from Focus, Universal’s specialty label — will also be accessible to purchase early on demand.

Social distancing aside, Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn should get a nice second life among unexpected shut-ins. While debate raged over whether the Cathy Yan-directed film was a flop or just a moderately successful film, most people who already saw it found it generally entertaining and decidedly delightful, an opinion I share. A superhero motivated by an egg sandwich was as realistic as it was long overdue. As part of Warner’s new lighter fare DC cinematic universe, it was a total success. Margot Robbie plus Amanda Conner-inspired visuals equal fun!

And since we never tributed it here, what other superhero film had a marketing campaign inspired by Reannaisance master Sandro Botticelli, specifically his masterpiece, Birth of Venus? Those marketing folks at WB are pretty smart sometimes.

In the interests of lightening the mood, let’s good back to a more lighthearted world. birds–of-prey23birds–of-prey26birds–of-prey24birds–of-prey25birds–of-prey27birds–of-prey28birds–of-prey29birds–of-prey30



  1. I got to see this one before the shutdowns began. It was actually a great movie, for what it is meant to be. Funny with plenty of bashing with hammers, etc.

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