She’s definitely more than a pinup girl! This April Dynamite debuts new adventures of the icon in Bettie Page: Unbound, the Crisis on Infinite Betties. This time the model/spy comes face-to-face with The Lovecraftian Great Old One Yog-Sothoth, an inter-dimensional archnemesis for the heroine. The monster opens a dimensional gate to invade Earth, collapsing reality itself. Bettie jumps into the action head first and finds herself a barbarian queen in the ancient past along with other multiverse versions.

Writer David Avallone (Elvira, Doc Savage: Ring of Fire), artist Julius Ohta (Sherlock Holmes: Vanishing Man), colorist Ellie Wright (Sherlock Holmes: Vanishing Man), and letterer Taylor Esposito (Batman, Aquaman, Elvira) return for Bettie’s next epic tale. John Royle (Project Superpowers, G.I. Joe) leads the cover art along with Scott Chantler (Northwest Passage), David Williams (Justice League of America), and Ohta. Fans of the beauty icon can also look for photo variants.

Avallone says, “I never imagined going quite this ‘big’ with Bettie… but this ‘Crisis’ idea sounded like so much fun, I really wanted to write it. Having passed that hurdle, my first question was… do I get to keep my amazing team? And the answer, thankfully, was yes.” The writer’s praise for his team continues with this series, naming Ohta as a “dream collaborator” and Wright a “world-class talent.” For Esposito, the writer says, “to quote Warren Ellis just the other day – ‘one of the best letterers of his generation’ – and I couldn’t agree more. Who am I to argue with Warren?”

In addition to the new comic series is the Bettie Page Ultra-Premium Deluxe Trading Cards with art by Joseph Michael Linsner, David Williams, John Royle, Scott Chantler, and some of the model’s legendary photos. Every individual foil pack also includes two base cards, two sketch cards, one special black and white card, one puzzle card, and one autographed card.

Look out for Bettie Page Unbound #1 and the Bettie Page Ultra-Premium Deluxe Trading Cards in April. Ask your favorite comic shop to preorder your set this February.