Genius is a new 5-issue mini series coming from Image this August, via Top Cow’s Minotaur Press creator-owned imprint. Marc Bernadin and Adam Freeman are the writers and Afua Richardson is the artist. In a twist, all five issue of the book will ship weekly. GENIUS originally appeared in 2008 as part of Top Cow’s Pilot Season campaign, and has been sort of hanging around since then. I dunno what the delay was all about, but it’s finally coming out.

The logline: “What if the next great military mind was a teenaged girl from South Central?” The Bernadin/Freeman teamed previously worked on Alphas, X-Men Origins: Nightcrawler, The Authority and the underrated The Highwaymen. Richardson is a stylish artist that many have been hoping to see more from, so this finally coming out ends one of those “WEHT” questions.

What if the greatest military mind of our generation was born to a people who are already supremely conditioned to wage war, who know nothing but violence since birth, and must continually adapt to new predators in order to survive? What if the second coming of Alexander the Great, of Genghis Khan, of Napoleon, of Patton…what if it was a teenaged girl from South Central, L.A. named Destiny? And what if she decides to secede three blocks of the ‘hood from the Union? Who is going to take it back from her and her army of gangbangers? Who CAN?

”We’re thrilled to be part of Image’s roster of the new and different,” said Bernardin. “This story—about an urban revolutionary’s war on systemic injustice—is one Adam and I have been wanting to tell for a very long time.”

All five issues of GENIUS will be available weekly, throughout August. GENIUS #1 arrives in stores on 8/6 for $3.99. It is available to pre-order with Diamond Code JUN140478. Issue #2 will be available on 8/13 with Diamond Code JUN140479, #3 will be available on 8/20 with Diamond Code JUN140480, #4 will be available  on 8/27 with Diamond Code JUN140481, and #5 will be available on 8/27 with Diamond Code JUN140482.


  1. That logo is horrible to the point of unreadable. For god’s sake, change it, or book will get lost in the shelf.

  2. Unless they’ve redone the first issue and heavily revamped the plot, I’ll be giving this a skip. Considering that our protagonist is supposed to be an innate military genius, the first issue kicked off with a plan that had so little chance of success that it snapped my suspension of disbelief. A man in a bat-suit taking on crime I can sorta believe. The LAPD hesitating to shoot an armed black teen, not so much.

  3. Perhaps the image of a naked teen-aged girl wrapped in police tape under a virtually unreadable logo is not the best way for Image to introduce a new title.

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