As he’s taken to doing each year, Superman scribe Brian Michael Bendis has once again jumped on Instagram with his “teases of what’s to come” in books he’s working on. For 2019, that includes: Superman and Action Comics, the full litany of Jynxworld comics, “Batman Universe” over in the DC 100-page Giants at Wal-Mart, and his brand new Wonder Comics imprint that kicks off this month.

These images are just hints of things to come in presumably all the corners of the DCU that Bendis has been working in, and so connecting a few of these dots might be a challenge…but there’s definitely one that is as clear as day. Let’s begin!

As you can see above, the first photo is Bendis teasing something with Batman Beyond. A book that’s been written by Dan Jurgens since DC You. It’s a property that’s the publisher surely wants to keep pushing given the long-standing affection for the concept that marries Batman with Spider-Man in the world of Blade Runner/Akira. Limitless possibility there.

Wonder Woman tease! Who’s to say what that might mean?

KAMANDI!!!! Given the wide-ranging scope of both his Superman and Batman runs, the Last Boy on Earth would fit in pretty nicely in either place.

Rose and Thorn, long-time no-see. Looks like 2019 is when she’s coming back.

This looks to be a Batman as drawn by Alex Maleev, though I admit my eyes might be deceiving me. Is it possible that the classic Daredevil team might be reuniting on a character many have long wanted them to collaborate on?

To follow on Kamandi, hints of OMAC as well?

Here’s the biggie: what is clearly a piece of the Legion of Super-Heroes logo. Now, this is a property that has laid dormant since the most recent Paul Levitz-scripted series was cancelled at the end of 2013 to eventually be replaced with Justice League 3000 (more or less). Since then, fans have clamored for its return and given Bendis tossing out his share of hints about the current Superman story, “The Unity Saga” setting up the United Planets, and Saturn Girl’s appearances in Rebirth, Doomsday Clock and Batman, the time is right! It’s just a matter of where. 2019 definitely looks to be the when though. Long Live The Legion!

Your guess is as good as mine…Wildfire? The Guardian’s shield? The Science Police? Could be anything!

An Ivan Reis piece of a character I can’t identify…might be a Jynxworld coming attraction, unless one of the sharper-eyed Beat readers can name that character.

Based on the outfit, I’m going to guess this is some background information on the changes Jonathan Kent has gone through since his parting with his father at the end of The Man of Steel mini.

Honestly, Action and Superman produced the two most exciting mainstream American superhero comics I read last year, so I’m eating up all of this right out of Mr. Bendis’ hand. What do you think these all add up to? Sound off below!


  1. you know you could just view the source code of the post an pull out generally pretty solid 1080×1080 images of the post right instead of just screencaping them.

  2. The theory I’ve seen crop up a lot on the next to last teaser image is that it’s Johnny or Jakeem Thunder related. Not sure how much I buy into that theory, knowing the absolute bare minimum about those two.

  3. Hmm, not bad! Somebody else said it was Jimmy Olsen in spy mode, which with Reis drawing it might make some sense – though all of that has been relegated to Action Comics only so far…

  4. The eighth image is a close-up of Wildfire’s faceplate from the opening page of Superboy & the Legion #242, part of the Earthwar saga. The man reflected is UP Ambassador Anton Relnic.

  5. Good shout, Rob! Thanks for that!

    Could be on Human Target, Jim! Not a bad thought given his comic of origin.

  6. “KAMANDI!!!! Given the wide-ranging scope of both his Superman and Batman runs, the Last Boy on Earth would fit in pretty nicely in either place.”


  7. Skip – Who is the article about? You’ll find your answer within.

    And as an update, turns out that cover with the fellow holding the pen is indeed a variant for Cover. Solves that mystery!

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