It seems that the artist on the Bendis Batman feature for Walmart was supposed to have been revealed this morning.  Fear not, Bendis is here to correct the error:

And that could definitely work.  Nick Derington sounds like an excellent choice.  Interesting to hear about Green Arrow and the tease of multiple guest stars.  Perhaps we’re getting The Bendis & The Bold?  Really, if you were a certain age during the age of newsstand comics, Batman team-ups were the shizzle, and this is an attempt to have a sort of newsstand presence.  Wait and see, I suppose.

Of course, Bendis had to tease us with an alternate plot, too:

You know, if there’s room for Batman ’66, there’s room for a Batman solving crimes in Walmart series.  I see it as a slightly darker version of Batman ’66 and if Bendis isn’t up for it, I’ve got a friend in Florida who’s probably up for it.  That’s the beauty of Batman — you can use the character in such a wide variety of tone and settings.


  1. “I’ve got a friend in Florida who’s probably up for it”…
    Carl Hiassen would write Batman?
    DC, pick up the phone! Now!

  2. Love the drawing by Derington! All right, I have to admit, if Bendis and Derington manage to create a low-treshhold but engaging story, that’s presented and packaged well, this might actually fly. The drawing exhibits the kind of imagination that you need to catch someone’s attention. But then I would say, forget about the reprints, and just go for broke on the original material, tailor made for a new environment.
    Next problem: there’s no Wal-Mart in Europe!

  3. What a disgrace. Batman should be beating up the rotten exploitative poverty-pimping Walton family for doing so much harm to so many Americans, but instead, DC and its most talentless gremlim are complicit with them

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