And here we were waiting for Bendis to announce a new issue of Powers at DC.

Instead, he slipped over to The Hollywood Reporter and announced two completely new titles.

First up, launching in August is Pearl with his AliasJessica Jones cohort, Michael Gaydos.

The new project centers on Pearl, a tattoo artist for the Yakuza who lives in modern day San Francisco and falls in love with a counterpart from a rival faction.

Then there’s Cover with David Mack, which has an unspecified Fall launch.

Bendis is also teaming up with acclaimed artist David Mack for another new Jinxworld title, Cover — which is inspired by a true story in which the intelligence community recruits a well known comic book artist as a spy. Bendis describes it as having nods to films like Confessions of a Dangerous Mind and The In-Laws

Methinks Covers is destined to be referred to as “Confessions of a Dangerous Bendis.”  (We’ll save the Condorman clips for closer to launch.)

The article teases that Bendis will be dropping multiple announcement at ECCC, so while we really are expecting Powers and Scarlet to get back on schedule, it makes a person wonder just how many Jinxworld titles Bendis had in various stages of development that his Marvel schedule didn’t let him get around to kicking off?

And remember, DC is still giving away Jinxworld #1s.


  1. I’d still check out anything Bendis and Gaydos choose to do together. And I like crime, so having Mack could produce a unique and interesting title as I think Bendis would write for Mack’s styling. I think those two artists also have solid work ethics for production…

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