Christmas may be over, but Marvel fans got a gift today when the publisher released a teaser image for Chasm: The Curse of Kaine which will seemingly see Spidey’s two famous clones of Ben Reilly and Kaine duke it out.

“Coming in 2024, Spider-Man’s two most famous clones careen on a collision course at each other! Stay tuned for more information.”

Ben ReillyReaders who’ve been keeping up with the Amazing Spider-Man are well aware that former Scarlet Spider, Ben Reilly, has been put through the ringer the last few years after returning to the land of the living. At the end of the “Beyond” era of the Amazing Spider-Man book, Ben’s memories were not only stolen by the Beyond Corporation but he was also exposed to “quantum-shifting polymers” that altered his powers in a variety of ways such as giving him the ability to create energy constructs from his webbing. Abandoning the old Spidey costume and motif, Ben has donned a twisted green and purple version of his Spider-Man suit and adopted the name Chasm.

Last year, he teamed up with Jean Grey clone Madelyne Pryor to menace Spidey and the X-Men by unleashing chaos upon New York City in the “Dark Web” crossover event storyline. 

Kaine Parker meanwhile, who originally began as an imperfect and deformed clone of Peter Parker, gained a new lease on life after being healed during he events of the “Spider-Island” storyline. He adopted the Scarlet Spider persona and for a time had a variety of adventures in Houston, Texas.

Whether this is a storyline taking place in the main Amazing Spider-Man book or its own separate remains to be seen. It seems safe to assume that Zeb Wells will be penning the story. With any luck, it won’t be long until Marvel reveals full details including the creative team. Stay tuned


  1. Great! All the people who can’t afford the comics where this first happened from 1996 in the dollar boxes they reside in and now pay $4.99 to see it again, this time on glossier paper.

    And people wonder why readership declines.

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