A version of Wonder Woman aimed at teen-aged girls and not 40-year-old men? That will never fly.

BTW for everyone who is always wondering “How should a pitch look???” Here’s an example. Of course, being able to draw as well as Ben Caldwell really helps.


  1. So now it’s 40 year old men? It used to be “thirty-something” year old men a few months ago. I suppose next it’s 45? And then 50?

    Journalism fail.

  2. That is not my cup of tea but it’s a real shame that DC did not pick it up as it seems to be an attempt to do something interesting with the character.

  3. It seems like a shame that something like this isn’t done more often. The Manga market is clearly a big seller when you walk into almost any book store and it’s twice the size of the regular comics section (at least in a lot of the ones I’ve gone into)

    Also as Charles mentioned, even though this might not be for me, there are a bunch of Manga readers that might give it a try.

  4. Not to be the fly in the ointment, but the girls who fell in love with manga wouldn’t touch Wonder Woman with a ten foot pole unless it was actually done as a manga in Japan first then translated for the American audience. Are comics memories that short? Does no one remember Minx? DC tried the small trade format, one off stories focused on the interests of young girls. Result? Failure. Failure of marketing. Failure to reach the intended audience. Failure because it wasn’t what the intended audience wanted.

  5. Isn’t this the same creator/character combo that was so disliked in Wednesday Comics?

    Wasn’t the common refrain “They wasted a wonder woman strip in this project on a confusing but well-drawn strip?”

  6. “Are comics memories that short? Does no one remember Minx?”

    Yeah, I remember that DC once set that imprint up to fail, just like most of their other ‘new line’ initiatives such as First Wave, and the Red Circle. How did those go? Any better?

  7. Do I remember DC’s YA line being cut off at the knees just as it was finally finding it’s feet? Yes, yes I do. You don’t give a line of books aimed at a new demographic and the bookstore market ONE YEAR to find its audience. Minx needed a long term commitment that DC wasn’t willing to give. It was a failure of business not a lack of a teen girls willing to read Western comics.

  8. “So now it’s 40 year old men? It used to be “thirty-something” year old men a few months ago. I suppose next it’s 45? And then 50?”

    A SMALL, aging audience keeps getting older? How is that possible?!

  9. I seem to recall that the artist Rivkah (formerly of Austin, Texas, now living in Brooklyn) pitched a manga-styled WW three years or so back, and that was unfortunately ignored. Which was a shame because I liked the art and the approach she was proposing.