Whaaaaa-t? This guy?


Well, despite what you’re thinking Affleck’s directing career—THE TOWN and GONE BABY GONE—is much admired within the halls of Warners. So much so that they are thinking of giving over the proposed Justice League film to Affleck. After all, he played a superhero once. He also knows Kevin Smith personally.


According to a story in Variety, Affleck demands to star in the films he directs, so he could be eyeing a role as…Batman….Green Arrow….you name it!

DC Comics’ answer to Marvel’s Avengers, “Justice League” is expected to bring together marquee characters Batman and Superman, as well as Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and The Flash. Affleck has made it clear that he’s only interested in directing films in which he also stars — “The Town” and “Argo” are proof of that — so its likely that if this pairing ever came to fruition, he would don a suit of his own. DC Entertainment, Warner Bros. and Affleck’s reps declined to comment.

While Affleck has shown an aptitude for mid-budget movies, he’s poised to prove he can handle a nine-figure budget like other actors-turned-directors Jon Favreau (“Iron Man”) and Kenneth Branagh (“Thor”).

One potential problem: directing a small, indie flick huge gigantic titanic non-stop behemoth like JUSTICE LEAGUE would keep him out of commission for years. If it was a success, it would become Affleck’s entire way of life. He might not be ready for that.

The WBs ongoing, long term inability to really get their superhero movie groove on is really quite remarkable, from the countless bad Superman reboots they once planned (Tim Burton/Nicolas Cage) to the horrible Batman movies they actually made (Forever) to the big giant piece of wood that was Green Lantern. It seems to rise above whoever is running the studio. Maybe it’s just something in the water tower. But don’t dismiss Affleck out of hand. People laughed at Jon Favreau directing Iron Man too…and now they laugh WITH him.


  1. Obviously, DC Entertainment’s feeling the heat here – with the mammoth success of The Avengers, the WB shareholders are probably saying “What’s OUR strategy?” They HAVE to do it the reverse of how Marvel did it – they don’t have the luxury of establishing individual franchises the way their competitor did.

    But as good a director as Affleck has been, this doesn’t sound like his kind of movie. It’s a HUGE undertaking. Joss Whedon had years of experience handling large casts and writing/directing/producing various shows. They need a DCU Whedon.

  2. He can be a good actor depending on the role and the script, but he’s proven to be an even better director. Could he pull it off? Remains to be seen. But in regards to him directing it and playing a role: too much. Let him direct, don’t give him a cape and cowl on top of that. The undertaking WOULD be huge, and it’s better to have a director working on a film of this scope just focus on that aspect of the process, and not split the focus on helming it and acting in it.

    Lance Roger Axt
    The AudioComics Company

  3. Interesting…
    Superman rights were purchased in 1973, filming started in 1977.

    Possible Clark Kents:
    Muhammad Ali, Al Pacino, James Caan, Steve McQueen, Clint Eastwood and Dustin Hoffman; Also:

    Possible directors:
    Francis Ford Coppola, William Friedkin, Richard Lester, Peter Yates, John Guillermin, Ronald Neame and Sam Peckinpah. Also Mark Robson.

    And given all the drama (Brando, Salkinds), it turned out okay.

    Besides, it looks like Christopher Nolan will be there to guide the vision. If you use the same production staff from Man of Steel, then the Director will have lots of support.

  4. Affleck is one Hell of a director and an Oscar winning writer. I’m definitely interested in seeing what he’ll do. Plus, he’s shown a love of the medium. We can’t ask for a better choice.

  5. The real question isn’t whether or not Affleck will do a decent job (I think, with a good script – and less cooks in the kitchen – he’ll be fine) but rather, who does Jimmy Palmiotti NOT know?


  6. I’d cast him as The Flash opposite Nathan Fillion as Green Arrow.

    Y’know, eventually, the Marvel and DC movies are going to be populated by *only* friends of Kevin Smith and Joss Whedon.

    Not that I’m complainin’, I’m just sayin’.

  7. Reads more like a desperate WB PR flack trying to distract anyone from Disney/Marvel’s recent news about Joss Whedon. I’ll believe this nonsense when I see it in more substantial terms.

  8. JL is an impossible property to bring to the big screen. It will be near impossible to maintain any suspension of disbelief with real life JL characters. Gone Baby Gone was a good movie, The Town was mediocre at best. Sounds like a lot of love for Affleck but I see nothing in his past (Daredevil, with Smith no less) that suggests he is capable of this. However, I don’t think anyone could pull this off. Try to imagine the Flash costume with Nolan’s Batman and then that weird new Superman get up, oi vey, GL movie costume…. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. Good luck with this fucktard mess.