When DC announced it was partnering with Webtoon a few weeks back, I hoped for the best, and was optimistic that DC would use such an expansive platform to find the best way to bring in new fans. With the release of Batman: Wayne Family Adventures it seems like my hopes were not ill-placed because this is exactly what’s happening.

Batman: Wayne Family Adventures Episodes 1-3

Writer: CRC Payne
Inks: Starbite
Storyboards: Maria Li
Backgrounds and Rendering: Lan Ma
Flats: Jean Kim
Letterer: Kielamel Sibal

The first three episodes of Wayne Family Adventures all dropped at once, and they were immediately able to draw me in. The concept is a slice of life Batman family comic, and honestly, that’s the absolutely perfect first foray into this format for the company. Batman is clearly the biggest draw you have, and the large extended cast he’s built over the years lends itself perfectly to this idea.

All three episodes are a little goofy and a lot of fun, and Starbite’s expressive art is a perfect fit for these. This is exactly the sort of content I’d expect to find in a slice of life Webtoon. This is just an absurd family dramedy, and it works perfectly well. And being that in the first nine hours of it being live it already had 165,000 subscribers, I’m not alone in thinking that.

Each of the stories focuses on different sets of characters having different sorts of interactions, and each of them works really well. The first story focuses on Duke moving into Wayne Manor, and Damian being an absolute jackwagon to him.

Damian is, in fact, the thing that ties all three stories together, and that’s a great way to lead your first three episodes, I think. He’s a great character when he’s interacting with the rest of the family because he can provide so much comedy. The second story has the kids fighting over the last cookie and my favorite sequence from the first releases where Damian brags about being the best Robin only to get clocked by Jason Todd. It’s just brilliantly done, and the comedic timing is perfect. It’s also really nice to see Damian colored so that he doesn’t look white.

Damian triumphantly holding a cookie in Batman: Wayne Family Adventures Episode Two Damian no longer triumphantly holding a cookie as Jason Todd tackles him in Batman: Wayne Family Adventures Episode Two

The last story involves Barbara having coffee with her father, and massaging the truth about how her day as a “librarian” went. Again the best moment of this story hinged on Damian, and I can’t wait to see more of these interactions.

In fact, I spent the coins to get the next three episodes as well, and while I won’t discuss their content, I can say I’m not disappointed in the least. I’ll likely continue buying the early episodes just because I really want to support this endeavor.

This is the absolute best thing DC has done in years, and it’s going to bring such a fantastic new audience into loving these characters. Batman: Wayne Family Adventures is the first in what I hope will be a long line in this partnership between DC and Webtoon, and I desperately hope a Superman Family version is coming.


  1. I agree, this is a good move by DC. It might be that this is the correct format for digital comics, rather than what comixology and substack sell. If they add a Superman series, I will definitely jump on.

  2. as an avid reader on webtoon, im glad that the final product fits the platform. that means it will work in converting the non-dc crowd, especially that wide pool of young readers who can grow into lifetime dc fans. hoping for a superman series soon!! i would have wished for a daily planet concept like the one they announced for an upcoming animated series, but i guess now it would become overlapping

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