DC Comics has announced Batman The Killer Smile, a new one-shot from writer Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino that will function as an epilogue of sorts for the duo’s soon-to-conclude Black Label project, Joker: Killer Smile.

The new Batman The Smile Killer one-shot is slated to hit shops May 13, and it will delve into young Bruce Wayne’s love of something called The Mr. Smiles Show. The Joker, of course, will also be involved. The announcement, which was handled by SyFy, also noted that what little Bruce didn’t know when he was watching the show, was “the show might have been watching him back!” Scary.

When Batman The Smile Killer #1 hits on May 13, the price tag will be $5.99, and it will feature a variant cover from Kaare Andrews.

Pretty creepy. Which makes sense, because the three-part Joker: Killer Smile book that this new comic follows up has been severely creepy in its own right. That series is actually set to conclude this coming Wednesday, Feb. 19. It has focused on a renowned psychiatrist wading into the Joker’s world and being oh so much worse for it (natch).

Meanwhile, Lemire and Sorrentino also continue to collaborate on other creepy business over at Image Comics with their Twin Peaks-influenced creator-owned book, Gideon Falls. It is a great time to be a fan of these regular collaborators, especially if you like to be frightened (or at the least disquieted) as you read. But that’s a different publisher and a much different story.

Anyway, Sorrentino’s cover for the forthcoming one-shot can be found below…

Batman The Smile Killer