Sam Keith has done a bit of Batman over the years, including Arkham Asylum: Madness.  He’s now crossing that Batman work over with his own creation (and occasional MTV star), The Maxx.  Batman / The Maxx: Arkham Dreams will be a 5-issue miniseries, starting in September.

When The Maxx ends up in Arkham, Gotham starts to merge with The Outback.  To set things right, Batman is forced to journey with The Maxx… though the twisted minds of his foes in Arkham.

Sounds like a natural extension of Keith’s work with both characters.

Official PR follows:

Batman must face the strangest adventure of his career as he meets the most bizarre hero in comics: The Maxx!

IDW Publishing and DC proudly welcome legendary artist Sam Kieth (The SandmanWolverine) back to his first Maxx story in over a decade, teaming his greatest creation with the Dark Knight for a mind-blowing five-issue miniseries event. The first issue of Batman / The Maxx: Arkham Dreams will debut this September with covers by Sam Kieth and Jim Lee.

“Doing a Batman and Maxx crossover is like a family reunion with my favorite brother and our really cool cousin,” says Sam Kieth. “You never want it to end… or at least I hope you won’t!”

When a devious new doctor at Arkham Asylum conducts unconventional forays into the human psyche, he kicks off a disastrous chain reaction by experimenting on Arkham’s newest patient: The Maxx! The city of Gotham soon begins to merge with the Outback, The Maxx’s psychedelic mental landscape. It’s up to Batman to save Gotham and all of reality… but only by joining The Maxx on a trip into the darkest depths imaginable: the twisted minds of Batman’s greatest enemies!

“It’s always a pleasure to work with Sam Kieth,” says editor Scott Dunbier. “He puts his heart and soul into his art, and gives you something truly unique in the process. We can’t wait for people to see this!”


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