Batman6 1941
If you are interested in comics history and design issues, master letterer Todd Klein has got the blog for you. And now he’s done some real archaeological digging by discovering the creator of the Batman logo seen above — which was in use until 1965.


  1. I’m just glad that individual (no spoilers for the article!) is getting his due while he’s still with us.

  2. Actually, Jerry’s mentioned this repeatedly in interviews. In fact, it’s so well know that he’s had collectors come up to him at San Diego and other conventions and ask him to draw the logo for them. But good for Todd Klein for giving this fact more publicity. Jerry’s lettering is an important part of the early Batman stories. Not just the Old English Robin logo–Jerry also of course designed Robin’s costume, reflecting the Robin Hood illustrations of N. C. Wyeth, and designed the drop-out R on his chest.

  3. Yes! Thanks for posting this link. It’s nice to see an update about this issue. I get tired of the whole “Bob Kane created EVERYTHING” line & it’s great to hear credit for the other people involved. Just think about poor Bill Finger.

    Plus, I gotta say that Klein’s blog is wonderful. I especially liked when he researched the Batman Logo because I’m a BIG fan & Todd did a great job.