Those of us interested in The Loyal Subjects line of toys were in for a double treat at Toy Fair 2019. Their merchandise was on display both in The Loyal Subjects booth in the action figure section and at the Bandai booth. Bandai handles distribution for The Loyal Subjects.

The Loyal Subjects booth dubbed itself The Loyal Subjects Garage, with a neon sign proclaiming it open 24 hours a day. If only the Javits Center hours complied with that proclamation.

A new wave of Game of Thrones figures is coming just in time for the hit HBO show’s return this Spring.

I’m very excited for these dragons!

Masters of the Universe also had a strong presence at both The Loyal Subjects and Bandai booths.

The Horde!

Talking to The Loyal Subjects staff at their booth, they were very happy with the way that Battlecat and Panthor turned out. Hopefully this means more interpretations of classic MOTU vehicles in the future.

Besides The Loyal Subjects, the Bandai booth showed off other product brand lines offered by the company. There were many Dragon Ball Z action figures on display. The display included the simpler, 5-point articulated figures and the higher end, more articulated figures as well.

Bandai is continuing its popular line of toys based on the Big Hero 6 animated movie, including blind boxed figures.

Figures based on the Disney princesses from Ralph Breaks the Internet were on display. One very cool thing about these figures is that each one unlocks a corresponding character in a mobile Pac-Man game. Each unlockable character will have a special ability that affects the game in a different way.

Parents of younger kids will be excited to see this upcoming line of wooden toys based on Disney characters. The train set’s tracks work with similar wooden tracks on the market.

The sets also include wooden block figures of famous Disney characters, including Mickey and Minnie…

Toy Story

And The Little Mermaid.

With such a diverse landscape of products, I’m very interested to see what Bandai releases next.

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