Have you heard that everyone loves a comic-con? It seems to be true. While the Baltimore Comic-Con has been growing in size every year, this year it’s totally gangbusters again, with a huge line to get in, and packed, packed, packed halls—even without the headliner of the last two years, Stan Lee.

And in response, the show is moving to a full three days next year, to be held September 5-7 2014. The show will also take over the ENTIRE Baltimore Convention center. Otakon the manga/anime show held here fills both halls, but BCC is been slowly getting bigger and bigger. And 2014 will be the biggest one yet.

Word across the country is that the Salt Lake CIty con, in its very first year, is also knocking ’em dead with huge crowds and, we’re told, “doing things right.”

THis year’s BCC has also drawn a strong line-up of publishers in advance of a Diamond Sales Conference, including IDW, Archie, Boom/Archaia, Avatar and Zenescope. Reps from every other company have been spotted schmoozing and cruising.


  1. For years I have been meaning to make it down there. A friend in college from the area said how great it was when he would go. I made it down to Otakon a few times, but never made it to BCC. I need to change that.

  2. One slight correction. The Baltimore Comic-Con is going to 3 days next year and we will be in different halls that are larger than the ones we’ve been in the last few years, but we are not taking over the ENTIRE Baltimore Convention Center next year. We are just relocating to a different spot within the center itself.

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