I’ve been informed that despite 2013 Comic-Con professional badge registration being shut down yesterday that was only a logistical consideration, and you can in fact apply for you pro badge right now. There is not an infinite supply, but there are many available. So get in there.

Where the confusion lies, I’m told, is the THREE PART registration system for industry professionals.

#1 — you must register for a Member ID.

#2 — you must apply for professional status — once approved you are good for three years but must reapply after that period.

#3 — you must apply for a badge.

This is the step that opened up yesterday. The deadline to apply for pro STATUS has passed by. If you haven’t been approved that you cannot get a pro badge.

Notifications on whether you were approved or not were sent out in November,
I’ve also received a lot of information on how trade professionals—those from the Hollywood wide of things—get their badges but that will be a separate post.

In the mean time, Badge-o-ween is underway but not over.


  1. I got through by ignoring the “badges for this year are no longer available at this time” message and continuing on as if it weren’t there.

  2. I believe the free guest badges a Pro could also get went quick but pay guest badges are still available. Can you confirm, Beat??

    This was my first year registering as a Pro. I jumped on right at 10am PST and I was in and out in 5 minutes. And once I was okay’d for Pro status, getting Wonder Con badges was even easier.

  3. Andrew I did as well, but i think that was meant for the free guest badges for pro’s, which last time I checked were long gone. Only paid badges are left and you can only get 1.

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