UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva

We all know that there are plenty of comics-reading athletes, from noted Superman fan Shaquille O’Neal to dozens and dozens of pro wrestlers. But, if we had to pick the scariest comic book fan of them all, it could easily be UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva.

The Brazilian Silva, who scored a lopsided TKO win over Rich Franklin last night at UFC 77 in Cincinnati, is a long-time Spider-Man fan and derived his nickname, “The Spider,” from everyone’s favorite wall-crawler.

He told this to the Daily Star last week:

I love comic books and I have every Spider-Man comic book series since 1984. I listed him as my hero as he is the only superhero that had bills to pay.

“You can mention Batman but he was rich while Superman was from another planet. But Spider-Man had to make ends pay here on earth!

Posted by Mark Coale


  1. Silva is a scary fighter. I know he’s all slender and doesn’t look like much but then to see him fight. Wow. Speed, knock out power in his arms and legs, expert timing, knows how to move and can do submissions on the ground. At this point I think the only person that can beat him is himself. I think we’re going to see a string of Chuck Liddell like KO’s from him (with some submissions thrown in.)

  2. And when he was asked after the fight who would like to take on next he said his “clone”.

    Pound-for-Pound: Baddest Nerd on the Planet indeed.

  3. So Heidi, what about the Serra/Hughes Feud? Does it look to you like Hughes is already preparing his alibi for losing?

  4. Confession: I haven’t watched TUF 6 yet. I missed the first episode and then it spiraled from there. I have them all on “tivo” and am hoping to catch up one of these years.

  5. So you’ll put “SPOILERS” up before you talk about a movie, but not before you give away what happened during a fight? Not cool…

  6. As much as people complain about how stale the TUF formula is getting, its still better than 90% of everything else that’s on TV. I was afraid I was getting tired of it myself, but by episode 4 I found myself deep really into it again. The producers are smart to focus on the personalities at the end of the day and Joe and Mac are fun to watch and dissect.

    Brandon Vera and Joe Stevenson have also admitted to being huge geeks. Brandon goes to midnight showings of movies and Stevenson use to D&D.

  7. Brandon Vera also sports some cool Filipino tribal tats on his back. Unfortunately, his last fight was marred by breaking his hand on the troglodyte thick skull of his opponent. Silva has all the attributes and skill sets for the perfect MMA fighter in his weight class… unless he gets careless ala St. Pierre, he’ll be around a very long time.