30 Days Of Night Teaser Poster
30 DAYS OF NIGHT won the weekend box office race with $16 mil although it was a slow weekend.

Sony’s vampire horror pic “30 Days of Night” won the weekend at the domestic box office with an estimated gross of $16 million from 2,855 locations, while Ben Affleck’s feature directorial debut “Gone Baby Gone” opened the strongest among the crowded pack of new adult dramas.

Overall, however, films had trouble sucking much blood out of the box office, where business remained down.


  1. I saw the movie and hated it. I have never been more conscious of watching a movie in my life. I was bored after 10 minutes and wanted to leave. Two thumbs way down. Super loud screeching vampires? C’mon that’s old. Soundtrack was the worst. The movie was the directors fault because the source material could have produced a great film. Straight to video in quality. Avoid.