1. Hey, it’s your birthday!?! Many happy returns. I still have sun glasses like that by the way. We’re having a birthday party at The Black Cat Gallery for the owner tonight. I’ll see if I can get people to sing happy birthday to you as well. It’s amazing (and fun) what you can get people you’ve just met to do when they’re drunk. I’ll try and make a video and post it on You Tube.

  2. Well first, Happy Birthday! Congradualtions on making it around the sun another year to paraphrase Arthur C Clark.
    Second, isn’t that the same outfit worn by Misfit in Birds Of Prey?

  3. Of course when you do have to get control pants they’ll feel just like those spandex shorts.

    Many Happy Returns.

    The Beat goes on.

  4. Maybe ’87?

    Had dug up my COMICS JOURNAL #116 (July ’87) to re-read the WATCHMEN articles— and found your reviews on CEREBUS #93… ZOT #12 and REID FLEMING… the return of Steve Rude on NEXUS and post-Chaykin AMERICAN FLAGG… (Man, that sure was loooooong ago.)

    Happy belated B-day!