Rafael Grampá
, one of the most visually stunning new artists on the scene, debuts his new book from AdHouse.

 With special guest Ivan Brandon.


Desert Island

540 Metropolitan Ave.

Brooklyn NY 11211


No times given but assumably7ish.


  1. I am very intrigued by this book but the $12.50 cover price for 56 pages is what’s making take pause in pulling the trigger for this book.

    If anyone who reads this event, please post about your thoughts on the book and whether the price = payoff of entertainment. Thanks.

  2. I liked the book very much. The story is simple, with a nice Tarantino influence, and the art is awesome.

    As for the price, well 12 dolars is like a Burger King or a McDonald’s combo, right? You eat it in 5 minutes and it’s gone… Here in Brazil it costs about 15 dolars and we still buy it, even if our per capta income is about 1/5 of yours… don’t take things for granted man.

  3. I once had the same problem while buying a limited edition signed and numbered hardcover of Astro City for $50.00. Then I realized that from a printing perspective, graphic novels are very similar to art books. A So, $12.95, if you can afford it, is not expensive. Mass market paperbacks, printed in bulk, cost $6.99 – 8.99.
    The other criteria is: how much enjoyment / enlightenment / satisfaction / emotional identification will you get from reading a particular book?

  4. Mr. Werneck,

    With all do respect, you kinda lost me on the fast food analogy. A combo meal is usually between $5-$6 (much less than any other prepared meal) but the quality is meh. Are you saying that Mesmo Delivery the equivalent of a fast food meal? Quick and disposable.

    I am glad you liked the book though. As I stated earlier, I wouldn’t be wrestling with actually purchasing it based on art alone. :)

  5. Tiki,

    My point was exactly the opposite. Sorry if my linguistic and ‘prices in the US’ knowledge are not enough to prove my argument. Anyway, I still think you can think of something quick and disposable that costs about 12 dollars. The point I was trying to make is that 12 dollars is really cheap for a piece of art your gonna keep to yourself maybe forever…

    As for the story, it is not Alan Moore, but it good, even if simple.