Spawn Kills Everyone was successful enough to spawn a sequel.  (Pun very much intended.)  The sequel parody, Spawn Kills Everyone Too by Todd McFarlane and Will Robson,will ship in December.

Official PR follows:

No reader is safe from the popular parody one-shot SPAWN KILLS EVERYONE—and now Todd McFarlane, President of Image Comics and creator, has unleashed Spawn’s wrath once more in the follow-up, SPAWN KILLS EVERYONE TOO with art by Will Robson. The bloodbath begins again in December 2018.

SPAWN KILLS EVERYONE hit with overwhelming fan enthusiasm and went into three printings in order to keep up with consumer demand. Now Spawn’s back for more.

SPAWN KILLS EVERYONE TOO is a four-part miniseries that promises more cuteness, more killing, and more Spawn! Even better, fans will have a chance sic Spawn on a personalized rampage with the available sketch cover.

SPAWN KILLS EVERYONE TOO #1 will hit stores on Wednesday, December 19th.

SPAWN KILLS EVERYONE TOO #1 Cover A Clean – Diamond Code OCT180048
SPAWN KILLS EVERYONE TOO #1 Cover B Bloody – Diamond Code OCT180049
SPAWN KILLS EVERYONE TOO #1 Cover C Sketch – Diamond Code OCT180050

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