So this is why God gave us the internet: Todd Spence created these True Detective homages in the form of Hardy Boys detective novel covers. More in the link.

Speaking of True Detective—like everyone does these days—I had a few conversations about this over the weekend and observed that True Detective really played the Internet for a fool. All those complicated theories about Carcosa and whatnot…Nic Pizzolatto’s complex, many-tendriled story was simple at its core but with a novel’s structure. All those little touches weren’t part of a bigger mystery — they were part of a larger THEME. Marty’s daughter created a diorama of a gang rape with her dolls not because she had been a victim of the Yellow King but because…children are surrounded by the dangers of adult sexuality which they don’t understand and it can damage them, especially with, in this case, a father who failed to understand how he himself was part of the danger.

Chew on that, internet!



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