Avatar Press might not be a publisher that most fans keep their eye on, however the company publishes key titles from important creators like Alan Moore (V for Vendetta) and Kevin O’Neil (The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen). Avatar recently launched a Kickstarter for the newest project from the two creators titled Cinema Purgatorio with a measly $9,100 goal that has already been surpassed. The rewards are a bit thin, with a digital copy from Comixology available at a steep $6 price point. 

The comic is set to be published as a horror anthology with additional material from Kieron Gillen (Invincible Iron Man) and Ignacio Calero (Stormwatch),  are working on a story called Modded where monsters and demons are locked in battle. Comics vet Garth Ennis (Punisher: War Journal) and Raulo Caceres (Crossed: Badlands) continue Code Pru, a comic originally published by Avatar about a paramedic who witnesses the supernatural. Christos Gage (G.I. Joe: Cobra) and Gabriel Andrade (Ferals) in a story about a never-ending war until a monster turns the tide of battle called The Vast. Max Brooks (World War Z) and Michael DiPascale (Uber) are creating a comic known as A More Perfect Union, a period piece set during the the Civil War about the South being invaded by insects.

With 14 days to go, and the project already funded at almost double the original asking amount, Avatar is already on the way to publish this comic. For $25, a 64-page hardcover is available as the next tiered reward. All fulfillments are set to be delivered April 15 of this calendar year, a month before publication date. Avatar went onto explain where the finances of the Kickstarter are going towards the comic:

An anthology of this caliber is a very expensive proposition and the comic market is a tough place to launch something this new and different. Our main goals: 1) Finance the ongoing CINEMA PURGATORIO series, 2) secure top-flight creators for future issues and 3) keep the cover price for CINEMA PURGATORIO in comic stores down as much as possible. We aren’t expecting to raise enough money to cover all the costs of the project, simply asking for your support in helping us along. Also, a significant portion of the funds will go toward all the product offered and shipping to backers.

The first issue of Cinema Purgatorio will be available in comic book stores May 2016.