Next year, Skybound Entertainment and Image Comics will release Ava’s Demon Book One: Reborn. The fantasy graphic novel, released through Skybound’s Comet imprint, is the first collection of cartoonist Michelle Fus‘s young adult webcomic series, previously available exclusively via a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign, and today the publisher unveiled a new preview for the book, which follows the unlikely friendship between a young girl and the supernatural creature haunting her.

Here’s how Skybound describes Ava’s Demon Book One: Reborn:

In Ava’s Demon Book One: Reborn, a young, shy girl named Ava discovers that the demon who haunts her is actually the spirit of an ancient alien queen named Wrathia. The two form a powerful pact—in exchange for a better life, Ava must help Wrathia seek revenge against TITAN, the godlike being who destroyed her empire. To aid in the fight, Ava must assemble Wrathia’s most trusted warriors and their host lifeforms. The only problem is, she doesn’t know how to find them…

Ava’s Demon first debuted online in 2012, and received its first print collection via a Kickstarter campaign in 2013. The Kickstarter for the initial release of Reborn launched on September 15th, 2020, and reached its funding goal in under an hour. A Kickstarter campaign for Book Two in the series, Aftermath, is live now.

Check out the preview for the upcoming Skybound Comet release below. Ava’s Demon Book One: Reborn is due out in comic shops on Wednesday, May 24th, 2023, and in bookstores and digitally on Tuesday, May 30th, 2023.