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Edie is a New York-based writer, reporter, interviewer, and publicist with a passion for entertainment and geek-related media.

EXCLUSIVE: Statix Press brings Philippe Druillet’s Salammbô to stores this November

We've got a slew of mind-bending preview pages from Salammbô, from legendary Franco-Belgian comic artist Philippe Druillet, due out this November.

EXCLUSIVE: Statix Press brings French crime thriller “Wrath of Fantomas” to...

Statix Press is bringing award-winning French crime thriller Wrath of Fantomas, based on the popular series of novels by Pierre Souvestre and Marcel Allain, to the English-language market in January 2019.

EXCLUSIVE: Titan will release Elric: The White Wolf in September

Reuniting much of the team that worked on the first two volumes, Michael Moorcock's Elric: The White Wolf part one hits the shelves on September 5 from Titan Comics.

EXCLUSIVE: Statix to release Oscar Martin’s SOLO in September

An exclusive preview of SOLO from Oscar Martin, an award-winning artist for Tom and Jerry, to be released by Statix Press in September.

EXCLUSIVE: Minky Woodcock is coming to Hardcover! Trailer reveal and interview...

Exclusive announcement of Minky Woodcock's forthcoming hardcover volume, trailer reveal, interview with artist/writer Cynthia von Buhler, and news about the Minky stage show and further comics adventures.

Statix Week Exclusive Preview: Exterminator 17 announcement

We've got four preview pages of Exterminator 17 from Angoulême-winner Enki Bilal.

Director Rachel Talalay helps Who Against Guns raise over $20,000

The fan-led effort known as Who Against Guns announced today that they've raised over $20,000 dollars among the Doctor Who fan community for organizations committed to preventing gun violence.

EXCLUSIVE: Titan releases Sky Doll: Sudra Special Edition

Fans of the series will be happy to learn Titan Comics has confirmed they will release an oversized edition of the book this fall.

Who Against Guns raises $16,000

The campaign, which launched February 26, has announced that they've raised $16,000 for gun violence prevention.

Who Against Guns raises $10,000; adds charity and show runner to...

Yesterday marked a week since the Who Against Guns campaign was launched by a coalition of over 40 Doctor Who fans, which include series...

Steven Moffat joins Who Against Guns

Doctor Who showrunner and writer Steven Moffat is joining the effort to raise money for gun violence prevention charities--but only if fans donate a total of $7000 by March 12. If they do, Moffat will provide a special commentary on episode 10 of "The War Games."

Doctor Who writers, artists, fans launch podcast to benefit gun violence...

The #whoagainstguns campaign brings together 40 Doctor Who writers, artists, podcasters, and fans in a campaign to fundraise for organizations fighting against gun violence.