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Interview: Showrunner Noelle Stevenson reveals which SHE-RA character is especially into...

Plus, what about that mind-bending Season 4 twist?!

Interview: Jacob Tobia on non-binary rep in SHE-RA

“Double Trouble… really kind of tells your respectability politics to shove it.”

Recap: CASTLE ROCK S2E5 – “The Laughing Place”

If this is the laughing place… then why aren’t you laughing?

HISTORY SMASHERS are coming from Random House Kids in July 2020

The nonfiction series will aim to eradicate historical myths.

Preview: DRYAD will blend family with fantasy in March 2020

The series will see a family’s buried secret return to haunt them.

A Year of Free Comics: Clear your plate for JUST PANCAKES

The Webtoon follows Ebus, Shelby, and Wetzel as they run a tavern on Hero’s Road.

Queerness in Comics: THE WITCH BOY and THE HIDDEN WITCH

What happens when Aster crosses gender lines to perform forbidden magic?

Recap: CASTLE ROCK S2E4 – “Restore Hope”

Beloved Pop Merrill has a secret he’s tried to keep buried…


What happens when fairy tales don’t go the way you planned?

Recap: CASTLE ROCK S2E3 – “Ties that Bind”

Joy and her friends learn to Stand By Me while Annie starts to understand Misery.

Recap: CASTLE ROCK S2E2 – “New Jerusalem”

There's trouble brewing at the old Marsten House.

Recap: CASTLE ROCK S2E1 – “Let the River Run”

The second season opener features Annie Wilkes and subverts all of your expectations.