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Andrea Ayres writes about comics and representation in pop-culture.

SDCC 18′: How These Bestselling YA Authors Get Real With Fantasy

Best-selling YA authors Tomi Adeyemi, Daniel José Older, Victoria Schwab, Maggie Stiefvater and Kiersten White talk about writing, trauma, and why poop jokes aren't just for kids.

SDCC ’18: ‘From the Bridge’ Tells Fans to Embrace The World...

The director of the upcoming documentary 'From the Bridge' is joined by a star studded panel to talk about how fandom shaped their life.

‘Summer’ A Comic for the Instagram Generation

Summer, a comic about being young and in love, offers a fresh and inventive take on storytelling using the social media platform, Instagram.

Crowdfunding Watch: Independent Spirits, Witches, and Bards

Celebrate independence with characters who buck the status quo in this week's Crowdfunding Watch.

INTERVIEW: Stephanie Cooke Talks Transparency and Creator Resource

Comics editor and writer Stephanie Cooke talks about creating an inclusive comics community with the launch of her new website, Creator Resource.

Webtoon Launches “Discover Creator” Contest With $80K in Prizes

Webtoon announces the return of their popular "Digital Creator" contest with a Grand Prize Payday totaling $80K for best story.

Crowdfunding Watch: Crossing Lines and Eating Games

Tabletop games you can eat?! Sign me up please and thank you. Check out the latest Crowdfunding Watch to discover what's new and exciting in creator owned projects.

Crowdfunding Watch: Carpet Merchants, Barbarous Landlords and Crime-Fighting Bards

We take a look at three gorgeously fun crowdfunding projects featuring: The Carpet Merchant of Konstantiniyya, Barbarous, and No Holds Bard.

E3 2018: Laugh at the Emptiness of Modern Life with “Cosmonet...

These two visual novels linked together by theme offered a short, fun and thought provoking take on modern life.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Marguerite Bennett Says Goodbye to BOMBSHELLS

An exclusive interview with the writer of DC Bombshells: United, Marguerite Bennett about the series finale and whether or not this is really the end for the Bombshells.

E3 2018: Sony PlayStation Press Conference Highlights

Sony PlayStation's E3 press conference did not disappoint. We're here with trailers, release dates and highlights from the mind-numblingly jam-packed show.

E3 2018: ‘Sea of Solitude’ Steals the Show

How a haunting game about loneliness and monsters stole the show at EA Play.